I used Fiverr for my home renovation project — so you don’t have to

After we bought a home in the suburbs of Detroit I realized that many of the houses had their last upgrade at/around 1995. The house we purchased was beautiful, had great bones, but damn. It needed a lot of work.

I remember walking around the house, wincing at what the house currently was and what I hoped it could be. But every time I would circle the house, the list of repairs and upgrades got longer and longer and the T-Minus date got further and further away.

I realized, having Pinterest boards and a vision in my head wasn’t going to be helpful when trying to explain things to the contractor and my idea of style is simple: Paint it all black.

The problem I was facing was that the house was too big for any creative direction I could offer and in turn, I was getting frustrated, losing focusing, and ultimately losing any interest I had in updating the home.

I am an avid watcher of Monica and Shelby Church on YouTube and learned that Monica had a partnership with Fiverr and was using them to help redesign their midcentury modern home in Palm Springs. As a freelancer myself, I knew of the platform but forgot about it and never would have thought of it for home renovation. In fact, for exterior work, I had my heart set on Brick and Batton.

With our kitchen remodel coming to a close, I decided to tackle a few projects with Fivver: Exterior facelift, Library, Basement Office, and Master bathroom (all of which needed some sort of blueprint adjustments as well.) It’s now been roughly three weeks since initially sourcing freelancers on Fiverr and this what I have to show for exterior work thus far:

As you can see — in our current state the home is dull, not proportioned, and needs a small ounce of symmetry and dimension — something that’s sorely lacking. When selecting freelancers, I wasn’t focused too much on price but instead, I focused heavily on reviews, turnaround time, and their current portfolio. But boy, did I wish there was another parameter for choosing these guys because I have to say — my experience has been super hit and miss.

There were a handful of issues I wanted to touch on with home upgrades (at least for the exterior)

  1. Had to add different types of stone to the facade (paint or otherwise)
  2. Remove the window above the front door
  3. Add a substantial front porch area
  4. Figure out something for the windows (new windows, shutters, etc)

I was clear to each Fiverr artist that I would give them the freedom to do as they wish but am ultimatley looking to their expertise to help me maybe think of solutions I hadn’t otherwise thought of it.

Home Render #1 — Cost $104

This design was so bad that I requested a refund from Fiverr which they happily gave me. There is no way that this person is a designer/architect by trade. I received this even AFTER sending them homes from our neighborhood which were mostly Tudor and Colonial style homes.

Home Render #2 — Cost $150

This render was a bit better. I feel like it could have been “more” if Fiverr hadn’t randomly refunded me for this project. After Googling it seems like he may have been having trouble keeping up with projects so they stepped in. However, I have no confirmation on this since Fiverr never actually told me why. I would have liked to see a better solution for a better proportioned entry way and maybe some shingled, but this was a good starting point.

Home Render #3 — $44

This is probably my favorite render for the price. However, this update would probably cost a lot of money, but it was nice to see what our home could be if we had the cash to modify at this caliber. But, we did work if it would mesh with the rest of the neighborhood — would it be too modern? Too cold? I guess the world will never know.

Home Render #4 — $70

Please Note: This render isn’t even done yet.

The good and bad with this designer is that he is so. dang. slow. But he is hitting the nail on the head as far as design and aesthetics. After studying blueprints of our house, he came back to me and announced that my home was a Tudor in its past life just based on the proportions of the entryway. The front door issue? Easily solved by a brick archway. He even was painstakingly detailed in regards to stonework, windows, and design detail above the front door. But the question is — after 3 weeks this is where we stand. Will it be done? Will this render ever be fully finished?

All in all, Fiverr is the wild wild west in regards to gig work. I had no idea or any way to know if the designs I would get back would equal what was on their page and often times, these freelancers are overseas, which can pose a problem since it seems to me that the American aesthetic is pretty specific- which is hard to relay as directive. (A reason why some of these renders ended up downright dreadful.)

Which render did you like?

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